Saturday 9 December 2017


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As per our knowledge, Indian Government has not yet started any government aided men cell in visakhapatnam or man cell in visakhapatnam like for women there you can find a mahila thana in visakhapatnam or mahila cell in visakhapatnam or caw cell in visakhapatnam or crime against women cell in visakhapatnam. Even NRI Men Rights India helps Non Resident Indians at men rights for nri.
Further, Mini-Trial is the right of an accused as per Supreme Court of India's recent judgment as per which when the matter is not triable as per the unrebuttable evidences of the accused then asking an NRI husband or an accused to stand in a trial is the violation of the human rights of nri and these human rights violation of a non resident indian husband needs to be invoked in the right manner so that this SC Judgment helps men victims of false cases win in his fight against false cases or false accusations.
Like there is no men cell in visakhapatnam, similarly, there is still not there any men cell in thane

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  1. ram rahim was convicted without evidence and merely based on the premise that a girl or woman does not lies.

    similarly, if the women are started to get punishment then the real cause for men rights vis-a-vis men cell in vishakhapatnam may come to reality

    the early picture of a man cell in india was devised by all prime ministers to score votes but none was ready to legally formalize any real benefits for false case victims men and their families

    so, from now on, vote only for men cell in delhi or men cell in india